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A cleanse can be done for a person, for a home, a working environment or even before an event.


You need an energy cleanse if you:

  • Are unable to sleep

  • Are agitated

  • Your mind is in overdrive

  • Are Consumed by worry

  • Having pain

  • Feeling heavy


This session can be done remotely or in person.

For the person

If you feel any of the above after being around people it may be due to absorbing other people’s energies within you. Having a cleanse will help you remove their energies from your space so you can come back to your energy.

For the home

I will remove any negative thought forms, energies or entities from your home, including garden and cars associated with the house. 


I will also cleanse the land connected to the house, removing the energy of previous owners and potential contracts locked in the land.


I will bless all rooms with the supporting energy for each part of the house i.e. bedroom with good rest and relaxation, so every room is infused in Divine Source energy.


If this session is done in person, I will also use Sage and Palo Santo wood to support the clearing of the physical space.

Before an event

Cleansing the place before an event removes the energy of the people who attended before. This includes energetically cleansing the stage so that the previous performers' anxieties are removed.


This will open a beautiful inviting energy for the current audience to enjoy the actual event and it will allow the artists to be in their true performing abilities.

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